Please answer these in COMPLETE sentences. Restate the question when answering. Answer in 1 - 2 sentences. 

  1. What is your first and last name, instagram username, and website if you have one. 

  2. What got you into podcasts?

  3. What is your podcast about?

  4. What is one of your biggest influences in your content?

  5. What are some goals with your podcast in the new year?

  6. Any events coming up?


Please ask photographers permission before submitting. Credit photographer, first and last name and instagram if they have it.

  1. One photo of self (preferably a headshot)

  2. 3+ of your best photos would be best for variety, some may not be used depending on page layout.

  3. Give the first and last names of people in the photos, give a brief description of where and what is happening in the photos as well (if applicable.)

  4. Would I have permission to use your photo of yourself on the cover? It may or may not be used depending on layout.

Please submit all information, files, links, answers, etc. to coeurscollective@gmail.com