Artist: Annalise Fuller

Howdy! My name is Annalise Fuller and I’m a graphic & web design student with an eye for multiple mediums of art. I primarily paint, but I also love to illustrate, sculpt, and sew. I have recently began modeling and creating designs from photography. I run a small Etsy shop and run a few booths at local comic conventions in the summer.

My whole life has revolved around art. I started on the living room walls with crayon, but have since moved to canvas and paper.

I graduated from high school with 14 art credits from multiple drawing, painting, digital design, and theatre classes. I’m currently a graphic & web design student who’s love for the arts is alive and thriving. When people ask why I’m going into graphic design, I usually tell them it’s because I love to create for people.

My passion is to create art, illustrations, and design with love and meaning for all. I specialize in digital design and illustration, as well as gouache and acrylic paint.

I can’t wait to create with you!







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