Blunt Munkey

Hi! My name’s Caleb McLuskie. I’m born and raised in CDA and have a passion for clothes. I launched Blunt Munkey this year (2021), but I’ve been working on it since early 2018.

I screen print and sell clothes by the collection, but I like to thrift and print 1 of 1s in my free time. I make most the designs myself but I also commission local artists to promote them and further reach my goal of creating a positive community of creatives.

Short term, I would like to build a reputation in the local area while uplifting other creative individuals. Long term, it would be amazing to open a brick and mortar as well as shipping internationally! I want to build a platform for people like me to get their message out.

I love patches and am learning how to do patchwork and sew for some future cut and sew pieces, but my favorite pieces to make right now are definitely pants and shorts.

I have a new collection dropping end of July and I’ll introduce it at the CDA Flea, July 25th! The first few people to make a purchase at the pop up will get a free BM bandana!

Besides pop ups, I am mainly selling on Instagram @bluntmunkey.

I try to keep everything I do for the brand under the same idea as the brand mission statement below.

Building a community centered clothing line that spreads creative positivity, fit for the next generation of creative leaders who promote a positive community and culture.

Check out @Bluntmunkey on Instagram:

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