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I am Lauren Erbele, I started Copper Relic in November of 2020 as a quarantine hobby that quickly turned into a creative passion.

I sell jewelry and home goods that are plated with copper through electrochemistry. All of my products are organic material; crystals, insects, bones, flowers, nothing is off the table. While suspended in a specific chemical solution each piece takes on a one of a kind look that can’t be duplicated. Copper growths called dendrites form and they come out as unique as they went in, however this time it will be eternalized forever in a thick coat of copper!

My goal is to get people out of their comfort zone. Decorating our bodies in forms of art such as jewelry can be unique, eccentric, and a playful experience. Being connected to nature is an innate part of the human experience, we don’t have to lose that as we grow older.

I hope to attend as many local markets and pop up shops as possible this summer and fall. I would love to have Copper Relic be more present and active in my beautiful hometown. My goals for Copper Relic long term would be to have a shop somewhere in town where I could expand and share my creative vision with locals and those visiting.

I really enjoy making each piece mindfully. This is why many pieces take a week or more to finalize. When I start the journey this way the product develops it’s own story throughout the experience. One time I planned an elaborate amethyst necklace, however after trial and error it seemed it wanted to shine on its own. So I let go and allowed it to Be. When pieces unfold like this it is a gentle lesson how to approach life. This hobby has taught me patience, understanding, and resilience.

I am in the works of developing a Copper Relic website, this has been a learning curve for me! However I hope to have enough inventory and knowledge to get it to fruition by Winter. So be on the lookout for!

The main way to find Copper Relic is on Instagram. I will be present at the CDA Flea Market July 25th from 10am-2pm at The Roosevelt Inn and hopefully a few more before the summer is over. I am so grateful for such a supporting and loving community. Thank you for reading and learning about Copper Relic and I hope to see you soon!

Stay well,



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