Midnightjade Co. by Aislynn

Hello! My name is Aislynn Ledesma, I am a Polymer Clay Jewelry Artist as well as a Master Esthetician and mom of 3!

I started my business as a creative outlet. A place to go after a long day of all the momming, it soon turned into a business. My pieces are ever changing but Boho inspired!

My newest piece is the lemon & pearls dangle, it is not yet available but will be in the coming weeks!

I am constantly looking for tools that will up my game and performance as an artist and the newest tool that I’ve just received is the Lucy Clay Machine! It is ever Clay jewelry Artists dream. It flattens your Clay smoothly and leaves the Clay slab flawless! My pieces have really used their game while I’ve been using it!

In the coming months I will be focusing on brining in a men’s earring line and keychains that are cute and durable. I have so many amazing ideas but, I can’t share them all, yet!

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