Model: Beth Langer

My name is Elizabeth but I go by Beth and I’m one of the models on this team.

I’ve loved modeling since I was very little. I remember watching America’s Next Top Model with my older sisters and pretending we were contestants on the show. I fell out of it as I felt ashamed of my body and didn’t have any confidence. The time for senior pictures rolled around and I got in contact with Raylakayphotography. The experience I had with them was so incredible I ended up falling back in love with modeling and photography. Since then I joined their program called the SSS that centers around empowerment and creativity. I hope to continue this passion of mine for years to come. I never saw women with my body type represented in any form and I want to show young girls that all body types are normal and beautiful. That’s why I joined this group. I wanted to meet other creatives who wanted to create something bigger who come from all different backgrounds. I’m excited to see what the future has for all of us!


Photo by: @Raylakayphotography on Instagram

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