Model: Kylie M.

Hey everyone! i’m kylie and you can call me ky. i’m nearly 18 and just about to graduate. i’m very into modeling and have done some writing work in the past. modeling and fashion is definitely a passion of mine. i fell in love with it all over quarantine.

i have been working with smaller photographers and trying to grow my portfolio. my favorite styles have been the crazy editorial types. i’ve done photos with honey and even in the swamp of fernan lake.

i’d love to be able to work more in the fashion industry as well as working with some live animals for more crazy shots. especially the kinds others would be frightful of.

i’m willing to work in anyway to help any photographer further their own work and help them get out of their comfort zones.

i’d love to branch out and work with new people! we can help each other get better :)


Photos by: Riley Auten, Nate Bullock, & Hilary Lewerenz

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