The Hive CDA: Shots & Shots, Photographer & Model Meetup Hosted by Kimber London

The Hive CDA presented an event for the local photographers and models of northern Idaho to meet up. Runway and fashion model Kimber London hosted this event to create a creative space for aspiring photographers and models to work together and learn.

BTS photos by @juelhairnmakeup

Photos by @thebeefalo

"I learned that we have a lot of young creative people in CDA and when we come together some great things can happen. Can’t say I tried anything new necessarily. This was the first group shoot I’ve done in awhile though. Typically I’m very much 1on1 and sticking to a style. Very excited to see what the future holds for CDA's creatives, and I’m very excited to get involved once again with the photographic community after the last few years hermitting away doing my own thing." - Angus Meredith

Photos by @katsphilm

"When I am shooting, I do what I can to capture the essence of the subjects personality and overall vibe; everyone is so unique. The Hive gave me a space to try different angles, lighting, and techniques with very different models! I tend to create moody and darker photos, so The Hive CDA's environment helped push me to experiment with more light and airy vibes. I learned more about these models through their modeling, it was super interesting. Something new that I tried was mixing models with different clothing and modeling styles. Annalise and Sharlyn have very different styles and I thought it would be interesting to have them model together! The contrast of their styles made for a dynamic photo. They worked beautifully together. I can't wait for more of these events so I can challenge myself more to step more and more outside of the box." - Katherine Vandergriff

Photos by @capturedbyfionaa

“I learned you should always step out of your comfort zone because you’ll meet really cool people and get good content. Something new I tried at the event was working around other photographers while also taking photos.” - Fiona Antonucci

Photos by @_zeroni_

“There’s a lot more outlets for creatives in the CDA area and have lots of options for different mediums of art. I quite enjoyed it more than any group creative events I’ve ever been to. The energy was quite high which I liked.

I’d say it would be fun to do challenges or special parameters in these kinds of events! Free roam is good but I like me a good challenge. Also drink water.” - Zeroni

Photos by @thrillofthechase208

“I learned that despite all the relationships I’ve built so far, there are so many more creative people in this town! I’m not a studio photographer, so using fixed studio lighting was new for me. I’m so excited to meet and create with all of you!” - Carl Chase

Photo by @_zeroni_

“Well I’ve heard a lot about the Hive but never really had a reason to visit until that night. I had a lot of fun learning about it and getting to see more of the modeling and photography community in action.

To me the only thing new really was the people and the environment. I’ve done a variety of photo shoots so I’ve always been pretty adaptive to anything. If anything I felt right at home!

I always love working with new photographers cuz I always love challenging photographers with giving them something they’ve never really done before but I love to share ideas back and forth to really open up a whole spectrum of ideas. Everyone had a really cool unique style and it’s always fun seeing them brought to life at the end of the day!” - CDA Spiderman

Photo by @_zeroni_

“I learned to not be scared to work with new photographers and to embrace everyone’s style. I tried venturing away from posing and people that I was comfortable with and really leaving my safe zone. Everyone was super laid back and supportive! Differences with the photographers were the spaces they used, angles, and their editing” - Hailey Smith

Photo by @katsphilm

I learned how different photographers styles can be. They all have a different way of seeing the world and it’s unique angles. I tried seeking out a photographer and challenging myself in a new social environment. All photographers utilized what they described as my “edgy” or “grunge” aesthetic. While most instructed from behind the lens what to do or how I should pose some would even just blatantly give me a pose. Some liked brighter spaces while others worked with more plain spaces. It was unique to see what different equipment photographers kept with them to make their shots more unique. - Dale Thompson

Photo by @_zeroni_

“Our community has some amazing creatives. Something new I tried was

modeling with CDA Spider-Man. It was refreshing to see all the different styles and awesome to see everyone’s different styles stand out.” - Maddux








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