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Hi! My name is Dale Thompson, I go by my artist name “Ignoration” and I write, record, and produce music ranging from hardcore to rap. I mess around with video editing and other creative mediums but where I truly feel comfortable is in my little studio making music.

I've been interested in music for almost my whole life, the interest really sparked when I was 9 years old and received an iPod for Christmas which gave me the option to listen to music wherever I went, which I took advantage of. I participated in band programs throughout school and I helped form a little group that would play when the pep band was unable to. Later on in high school I joined a couple deathcore bands and played shows in Spokane and Seattle with some high-profile bands in the scene. When these bands fell apart I took my creative motives into my own hands and started writing my own music with minimal creative boundaries.

My goal is to become a professional musician and to inspire people to chase whatever it is that they enjoy doing. Making a living off of music isn’t easy but I’ve told myself that where I end up, whatever I end up doing, I'm still gonna be writing music even just for fun. Music has brought me a great way to socialize and become comfortable with people, whether that be through collaborations or just non-musician friends, music has changed a large part of my life.

I am always open to collaborations, I'm open to new projects and I would love to hear what ideas you have, let's make something happen!







Dale Thompson