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Hey there, nice to meet you. Most people call me Kat. I am a freelance photographer, filmmaker, model, and small business owner that makes custom jewelry & revamped clothing. Most of my designs are used in photos. I am also the creator of CoeursCollective!

I am originally from Rio Rancho, New Mexico and occasionally travel to Albuquerque to take photos.

My zest for editorial photography grew from my love of human individuality in New Mexico. Every single person is different and the collaborative culture is simply immaculate!

Throughout high school and college, I took classes in yearbook, digital design, videography design, art classes & more! I also have experience in Photoshop, Lightroom, as well as Adobe Premiere Pro.

My goals with clients are to become a team and reflect you! I want your photos to capture you in a way you feel seen. I make sure that I communicate with my clients what style and theme they are going for in photos to be collaborative.

I would love to hear your Ideas! let's collaborate on something fresh! 5056107532



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Katherine Vandergriff

Photographer. Videographer. Small Business Owner. Model.